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Hybrid Power VTOL UAV

The hybrid VTOL fixed wing UAV is gasoline and electric mixed powered. With multi rotor and fixed wing combined, gasoline power and electric force complementary technology, VTOL fixed wing UAV erase the three limits on drones operation, which are runway, good operating skills pilot andenvironment with open clear space, making fixed wing UAV to vertically take off and vertically land while fast fly by gasoline power.

Feature of CL-850 Hybrid power VTOL drones

1.Hybrid power of oil and electricity. 2.Long range and Long endurance: endurance 4hrs@10kg payload.3.Maximum payload up to 15kg.4.Vertically takingoff and vertically landing, no need of runway and catapult assistance takingoff.5.”One button click” takingoff, return home, and landing, easy to operate.6.Quick assemble and dis- assemble.7.Support various mission payload, therefore widely used in various industries and scenario.8.Applied in industries: Unmanned surveying, Transportation, Reconnaissance, Aerial mapping, Forest Fire fighting, Communication in emergency.9.Durable and robust.

Specification of CL-850 Drone
Wingspan 3.8mWing area2.5 m²
Length 2.6mTake off/landing modeVertical Takeoff
Vertical landing
Height0.77mCruising speed 110km/hr
Landing gear form Four-point parallel landing gearWind Load Rating 6 grade
Payload10kg@4 hrs
5kg@6 hrs
Maximum Altitude for take-off and landing2000m
Maximum speed 
(sea level)
140km/hrMax payload15kg
(2 hours in the air)
Max endurance6 hrs@5Kg payloadOperate Temperature-20ºC~50ºC
Max take-off weight55kgOperating humidity≤90%RH